Through a personalized approach and collaborative attitude, Tango2 is your consulting partner in transforming your healthcare organization. Our reliable services assist healthcare organizations in developing cost-effective solutions that help give your patients the best possible care. At Tango2, we treat our clients and employees with the utmost respect, fairness and a commitment to the principles of partnership.

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At Tango2, we feel very strongly about giving back to different charities. Below are some of the charities and programs we have worked with…

Childrens Health Fund

Compassion & Choices

Aaron Diamond Aids Research Center

Tango2 has ‘hit the ground running’ on all of our engagements to date. Their practical and pragmatic consultants blend seamlessly with our internal staff and provide the highest level of services. We couldn imagine how we could have been successful in our recent implementations without their assistance and leadership. — Doug Patterson, CIO McFarland Clinic, PC